Entropy Holds is very experienced climbing holds manufacturing company.

Our products have:




Interesting and ergonomic shapes - Holds are shaped by experienced climbers. Each of them have few possibilities of grab, depending on position of screwing. You will find any kind of hold in our wide offer. Futhermore our holds are carefully shaped to do not strain your joints unnecessarily.




Strong material - During the production process we use only best quality materials. All our products have great endurance. Holds don't break. 



Geat fracture properties - This is very important thing. Holds produced by our company have great fracture and are resistant to overloading by magnesium. Texture of holds do not couse to big sking abrasion, thanks to this you will climb longer.



 Esthetic colors - We offer wide scale of colors. All pigments we use are UV resistant. Holds will do not fade after long use period. 



Resistance for humidity - Holds don't absorb humidity from air. They are perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use eg. playgrounds. Holds are resistant for all atmospheric factors.


All this features make our climbing holds a great quality product.



Holds sizes:

S - up to 40 cm3

M - up to 90 cm3

L - up to 140 cm3

XL - up to 200 cm3

XXL - up to 400 cm3